Tuesday, 2 September 2014


These pictures are all from a while ago, when I actually had un-ripped nylons. I really need like.. indestructable nylons cause I swear each year I spend a FORTUNE on them. I also need to get new fishnets but those are a drugstore thing right? I think I have enough change for them now... I took these pictures with Chloe maybe a week ago? I dunno. Everyone is starting school today but I don't start till Thursday :) 
I'm actually SO excited :) I guess that's my inner dork shining through though. 
Until then I will just be studying all my textbooks in hope that I can somehow stay ahead of the game this semester. 
Hopefully I will still have time for pictures everyday, I know last school year I would just get SO SWAMPED and this year I'm taking the bus to school and back so I'll have even less time. 
But don't worry ;D I'll figure something out!
Well I hope you enjoy:) 
Farewell <3

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  1. Your short is amazing !

    Saskia ! xo