Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Team Beater

bag ** DIY (similar here)
legwarmers ** similar here
skirt ** pacsun
shoes ** knock-off converse 
shirt ** spooky basements 

I have school tomorrow x.x so wish me luck. Plus I have to figure out a brand new bus schedule AND how to put my bike on the stupid bike bus rack. So triple wish me luck so I don't look like an idiot ;D 
I'm really excited for school but I don't know what the fluff I'm going to do because I literally have a break from 12:15 to 5:30 that's a pretty long break... and I won't have much homework because it's the first day, oh and my laptop broke so I can't play LoL or ANYTHING x.x
I suppose I could finish Game of Thrones...and there is always harry potter... but HELP
what am I going to do x.x
Ahh I'm so nervous :3
I'm gonna eat a sammich now!!
Farewell <3

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