Friday, 5 September 2014


Pom Pom ** DIY
pott head shirt ** here
shirt ** here
shorts ** similar here
white fishnets ** here
legwarmers ** similar here
shoes ** converse here

So I really like my outfit today, It's super 70's/80's workout YEAH! Ahah I felt like such an excersize promoter even though I sit at home eating ramen all day! I got these shorts at this store downtown for like 2 dollars and they are SO COOL the only thing is they have an awkward crotch ruffle sometimes :P Oh well, they are pretty sweet though... Ever since I re-discovered these converse they are the only thing I want to wear! Haha they are SOOooo comfy :3
Seriously guys, I don't know why everybody doesn't wear legwarmers year round. I think they are my favorite article of clothing. They look good with EVERYTHING and make my ankles feel loved. Get ready for some CRAZY winter looks with a buncha new colored thigh high leg warmers ;D
Farewell <3




  1. LAYERS LOVE! Pulled high over tummy love! Sleeves LOVE! HAir LOVE, Poses LOVE. SMILES LOVE! HArry Potter LOVE. *brain explodes*