Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Your Name is in my Death Note

corset shirt ** hot topic
skirt ** thrifted
fishnets ** here
socks ** hot topic // here
boots ** Demonia

So I was cleaning out my van, and I found my copy of Deathnote 1 in my emergency box! I love Deathnote so much, I swear L is like my spirit animal. My boyfriend said I remind him a lot of L because I sit the same way he does, and all I eat is candy:P Hey... if i remind ANYONE of L I'm not complaining ;D Although in this outfit post I must say I remind myself more of Misa:P
There's supposed to be a huge storm today, so I rushed out to take pictures before it started raining. I'm at my moms house again, watching her doggy Edwin! I miss my mom's house... it's nice here :) 

On one hand i REALLLY wanna watch American Horror Story, but on the other hand I know it will freak me the fuck out and I'm home alone... so... dilemmas... haha
well, I better find SOMETHING to do :) 
Farewell <3


  1. Amazing, love your boots!
    Saskia! xo

  2. You are absolutely amazing!
    Lovely skirt. :)