Thursday, 2 October 2014


hat ** romwe (similar here)
vest ** vintage + DIY (similar here)
pott head shirt ** ebay
skirt ** h&m (similar here)
legwarmers ** sock dreams
converse ** similar here

My mom gave me this vest ages ago and I never wore it because it was like 10 sizes too big, but on Wednesday I cut both of the sides and took it in, instead of just sewing it back up I put grommets on the sides and laced it up :) I like it a lot better. The anchor on the back was just a test run for this stencil I made for my friend in 10th grade, I'm planning on making a D.I.R.T. patch and putting it over the anchor. I'm in between classes right now, waiting for Digital Circuit Analysis to start at 2:30. Then I'm done for the weekend! Yay ^O^ 
On Sunday Chloe and Fiona and I are going to dye hair, I'm going to bleach my hair again and hopefully tone it to a white/silver color :) 
After that I'm gonna try dying it pastel green! Whoo!
Anyways, I'm gonna keep watching AHS Coven:P 
Farewell <3