Saturday, 4 October 2014


hat ** similar here
coat ** similar here
socks ** sock dreams
shirt ** similar here
boots ** rivet head

I know I'm nowhere *near* as badass as Selene from Underworld but this coat and these boots make me wanna slay Lycans all day ;) I had such a bad dream this morning so I woke up at like 8 x.x
Tonight my friends Chloe and Fiona are spending the night and hopefully helping me with my hair :) My boyfriend is gonna go play starwars with his friends :) Last night it was my brothers birthday party and we all played hide and seeks in the woods near my moms house. It was scary >.< 
I tried shotgunning an energy drink last night! It didn't go terribly well, I ended up spilling like a quarter of it all over myself! 
Oh wells, anyhoo, I'm gonna go to my daddos now! 
Farewell <3

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