Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Elbow Patches

backpack bear ** childhood (similar here)
hand warmers ** similar here
sweater ** similar here
skirt ** similar here
sock (L) ** sock dreams
sock (R) ** sock dreams
boots ** sinister soles

Hey <3 
Last night my awesome friend over at ( played a little League of Legends with me and he helped me so much <3 I am eternally grateful. I played as Soraka for the first time and I actually really liked her. I like playing support in League of Legends. Hopefully my friend will be able to play with me a little more later today :3 I've been reading homestuck again, I found my bookmark of the page I last left off on (which is great because without the bookmark I would be forever lost). I also rediscovered Mayoi Neko Overrun! I was so obsessed with that show for the longest time. Anyhoo, I gotta go help pressure cook beans! 
Farewell <3 

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