Sunday, 2 November 2014

War Games

shirt ** similar here
sweater ** friend (here)
leggings ** forever 21
boots ** similar here

Hey guys! It's a lovley day outside. It's quite chilly but the air is fresh and easy to breath. My boyfriend and I stayed up till 5 playing borderlands last night. So funnn >.< I seriously love that game so much. Also my friend brought over an extra headset today so I might play some Halo Reach tonight with them :3  I love these leggings so much, I got them from forever 21 when they were having a huge sale, but i've never really worn them, they are so comfyyy. I feel like this winter is going to be a LOT of leggings and chunky sweaters! I know I am a Slytherin, but I have had this Hogwarts Quidditch shirt (in Gryffindor colors) for ages, it was handed down to me from my mom and I love it to pieces. As you all may know, I was a beater, on the Slytherin Quidditch team back in my days...  I hope all is well:) 
Farewell <3