Monday, 1 December 2014

Dig it Babe, you need a new look.

dress ** thrifted (similar here)
thigh highs ** sock dreams
boots ** sinister soles

I got featured on the Lookbook Instagram page last night and there were a LOT of people who seemed to really hate what I was wearing. I don't really care, I'm used to being teased because of my outfit choices. I'm just glad that my winter staples don't consist of white pants and a camel colored jacket ;) there's no fun in that... 
Anyways, among the nasty comments on my picture, my favorite was this one "somebody stopped taking their meds look"
Anyhoo, I must say, although there where a lot of people who hated my outfit, a lot of people did like me :3 So thank you, to any new followers who are kind and nice... and enjoy "different" fashion senses. 


  1. awesome! <3

  2. I really don't get people. As someone else that has an unusual fashion sense, I totally feel you about the lack of support from ye olde fast fashion follower. Urgh. Just remember, you look way more awesome than they do !

  3. hao cou lianhaoexin~.ka