Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wherever I go from here, Earth is my home.

goggles ** similar here
shirt & harness ** diy (similar harness here)
necklace ** sheinside
skirt ** wet seal
boots ** Dr. Martens

My mom, boyfriend, and I drove down to Maryland tonight. We are here to see my grandpa (who is currently sick). On Sunday my boyfriend and I are flying back to Michigan so I don't miss any school. I HATE flying. It's scary, and bad, and I have to take a shit-ton of Xanax so I don't have an anxiety attack when I get on the plane. It's crazy how much I'd rather walk back to Michigan than fly, but my mom is actually making me :P Hopefully I will be able to post over the next few days, I brought my camera and tripod, so I guess we'll see what happens. It's warmer in Maryland, and there is no snow, so we brought our roller blades and skateboard! We are going to head out as soon as Adam wakes up xD! SEe ya. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Have you ever seen the rain?

skirt ** american apparel

I went to this store called the Scrapbox today, and I found... buckles! I got 30 buckles (of different sizes) for 10 cents each!! that's insane! I also got 2 yards of this cute animal print fabric and 4 yards of lace and I'm going to make an apron dress! It's getting nicer outside I had a lot of fun taking pictures today! I want to make a gif of some of my pictures but I don't know what program I should use! If anyone knows a good gif maker you should comment and let me know!! See you ;P 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Homemade Speed

dress ** (Lucca Couture)
JC spiked Lita Dupes ** ebay

Yupp so my friend Chloe and I got these cool dresses from Urban Outfitters. They were originally about 70 dollars but they were on the sale rack for 9.99$ each! It makes me feel like some space/alien lady. So, I know I've been wearing these shoes on like every other post, but I ordered some creepers the other day and they are coming in the mail sometime in the next two weeks! I'm super excited because I've always wanted a pair. My boyfriend has been working on a lot of guitar pedals! Anyhoo, I'm going to go watch shit tons of New Girl now! Seeya

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Steamy Princess

dress ** fantasy attic
leggings ** forever 21
shoes ** jungla

Sunday, 16 February 2014

pastel goth

sorry, i just had to add this picture, it's super cute and cool :) 


studded bustier ** forever 21 (+DIY spikes)
dress ** Victoria's Secret (charity shop)

Sooo, I took pictures with my dog again, in the snow. My mom got Siegfried (the dog) for my boyfriend and I for valentine's last year. Siegfried is a Newfoundland and he's so cute xD. Newfoundlands are water/snow dogs, so they are VERY okay with this weather, in fact sometimes Siegfried will just go outside and lay on the snow O.o brr.. Well I got up early today! It's 10:40 and I'm already posting pictures! Usually I don't just wear black, but I guess it felt comfy today! For once I finished my homework before Sunday night so it feels good not to have to cram a bunch of mathematics into one evening.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Pott Head

blazer ** charity shop
shirt ** DIY similar here
tights ** h&m similar here
So I've been eyeing this Pott Head shirt on etsy for a while (I have it linked in the picture above!) Well today (valentines day) my boyfriend gave me a screen printed version HE MADE! It is so cool and I love it so much :) I'm going to have SUCH a hard time taking it off! Last year for valentines day my mom got my boyfriend and I our adorable puppy siegfried :3 I love him so much and he's about a year and a month old now. He is a newfoundland dog and weighs about 130 pounds now (and he's still not done growing!) I'm super excited for the rest of the day, I think my boyfriend and I are going to watch Lord of the Rings and read bad manga/comic books! See you later <3

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Pastel Goth/Mori Girl Style

These are some pictures of the two styles I've been into, They are kind of like polar opposites, but they are both so pretty and interesting.