Sunday, 30 March 2014

Exit Only

Shoes ** UNIF

I've been such a terrible blogger lately, my life seems so hectic for NO REASON at the moment! I think school is really getting to me, i'm super ready for this year to be over! Only 4 more weeks :D I just found this website iHeartRaves it's absolutely amazing! They have the coolest stuff! I ordered this amazing bra and savage wrap as well as leg wraps and a bathing suit xD. Can't wait to post this awesome stuff! Anyhoo, I have a test in a few hours sooo wish me luck! Adios:P 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My New Van!!!!!

 dress ** sheinside
shoess ** Unif

Sorry to post this late, but I drove 3 hours to Ohio and back to get this beauty ^^. I needed a car after selling my VW Cabriolet and we came back with this! It's a 1990 Astro Chevy Conversion van and it's beautiful. Her name is Hilda and she's a strong, smelly, red-headed, viking woman who's only duty is to protect me now and I love her:) I'll post more pictures of it tomorrow! Peaceeee

Monday, 24 March 2014

Click Clack

Headband ** DIY from dress
dress ** thrifted
jacket ** thrifted
legwarmers ** sock dreams
creepers ** ebay

I love this dress so much! I found it at value world with my friend Chloe, it was ankle length but I cut it, and now it is super big and bouncy and beautiful! It makes me want to drink milkshakes at a diner bar! Again with the leg warmers (I know) but I still can't get enough of them, and they do make my legs super cozy throughout the day. Anyhoo, I'm back to school after what seems like a super long weekend. I've spent the past few days with my friends chloe and cassie helping them jumpstart their lookbooks (linked to their names) and their blogs (linked here and here). You should totally check them out and support them! They are amazing people :3 I'm off to school now! Farewell! <3

Friday, 21 March 2014

Into this

dress ** thrifted
blood splattered leggings ** black milk dupes (original here)
creepers ** ebay

Hey! Today I took photos with my friend Chloe! You guys should check out her blog! It's linked HERE She's super awesome and... has cool hair! I totally feel like an anime character today:P with my pigtails and lolly-pop and this super awesome dress thing Chloe found at value world:P  

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Shoes :3

These shoes are really cool, obviously I am not going to get them because, who the hell can justify spending 100+ on sneakers? I'm thinking about trying a DIY on an old pair of converse though... I'll post back when I finally do!

I've been looking for a nice pair of Mary Janes for a while, platform ones at that. These have a 2.5 inch platform and a 4.5 inch heel, which makes them only have a rise of 2 inches (that seems relatively comfy to walk in). These Mary Janes were the only ones I could find with a high enough platform and a chunky heel as opposed to a thin stiletto heel. I think after I get them I am going to cut off some of the chains and add some sort of lace over the zipper lining. 

At 200 $ for a pair of boots, you could say this one is COMPLETELY unattainable for me, however it is SO COOL. I love everything about this, the color, the cut, and especially the ridged chunky sole. When I finally have a, well paying job, I'm definitely investing in a pair of these. 

These boots are on sale at Tilted Soles for only 99 $! I just got a pair for an early birthday present. I love plaid, and on a boot... it's super cool!