Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Galaga Rulez

dress ** thrifted (similar here)
shoes ** maxstar

Yet another awesome thrift find! This over-sized, baby-doll, crochet dress is SO comfy, it is in the wash right now so I cannot look up the brand label, but I have linked a similar dress above and I will update once my laundry is done! The weather was fluffin weird yesterday (when I took these pictures). It was super windy but the sky was nice and blue and looked like the wallpaper from Toy Story <3 Sorry for the kind of over-exposed photographs by the way... my friend Chloe and I were on the top of a parking garage mid afternoon so it was still relatively bright. I watched Iron Man 3 with my boyfriend last night and I realized that Stan Lee is actually in the movie! He plays the pagent judge in the part of the movie where Tony Stark is "hacking" into AIM's database to discover whats up with the Mandarin Attacks.  Anyhoo, I'm gonna go run some errands now <3

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


dress ** thrifted (evil twin HERE)
boots ** UNIF

Until now I honestly had no idea you could find brand named stuff at thrift stores... but I proved myself wrong. A few days ago I was with my friend Chloe at a local thrift store and I found this EVIL TWIN dress for 14 $ !!!!!! That's insane!! Also- it was in my size so I had to get it. When I got home I looked it up and the cheapest place I can find to get it online is ASOS (linked above) for around 98 dollars! Anyhoo, I'm gonna get going now and leave you pondering the awesomeness of thrifting :3

Monday, 28 April 2014

Boys with Guns

dress ** similar here
socks ** sock dreams
creepers ** ebay

Every time I order something from Sock Dreams I have a hard time not wearing them forever. These socks are super comfy and sooo cool, the stripes go with almost everything in my closet! Also-these socks aren't as stretchy as most socks so they kind of bunch up in places all up your leg (which I think is super cute). 
I'd like to talk about the X-Men for a minute- I've been re-watching all the X-Men movies, and the "spin-off" Wolverine movies, and I find it very disappointing that they centered the whole X-Men movie franchise around Magneto, Professor X, and Wolverine (seriously why would they base the entire x-men and brotherhood of evil off the three most boring, old, angry, testy, white men?). If you guys don't know the story behind X-Men: Days of Future Past, it basically goes as follows: There are only a few remaining X-Men left in a dystopian future where all mutants are basically forced into a giant internment camp (or killed) by robots called Sentinels. Magneto calls upon the remaining x-men for help, to send one of them back in time and prevent this future from even occurring. In the comics, Kitty Pryde (and AWESOME x-women who can pass through atoms without interacting with or destroying anything) is the one who is sent back in time to warn the x-men of the terrible future. But OF COURSE they couldn't stick to the comics... instead they are sending Wolverine back to the past to save the day :( The writer/producer, Simon Kinberg states that the reason they sent Wolverine back in time instead of Kitty, was because he doesn't age, so they wouldn't need to introduce another version of a character... but seriously... Kitty Pryde is like my favorite X-Men D: Damn... 
Oh well though... the universe will continue, and I am still super stocked for this film! It comes out on my birthday (May 23) and my boyfriend is taking me to see it! 
Farewell <3

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Backin Babes

shirt ** boyfriends (similar here)
socks ** sock dreams
creepers ** ebay
backpack bear ** similar here

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hair Routines

So as you may have noticed... I MADE MY BLOG PRETTIER!!! :3 
This has been long overdue, I have been wanting to make my own banner forever, and while I was at it I added tabs to my blog. In order to celebrate my last day of finals I took a break from my usual outfit of the day type posting and I made a guide to how I do my hair every day + 3 of my routine hair styles! 
I hope you enjoy...!

I straighten my hair every day, and even before I had dyed hair I had to make sure my hair wasn't getting super damaged. I have photographed the products I use in my hair and I will link them below their picture :3

This is me before and after straightening my hair. 

The products I use are: Garner Fructis "sleek and shine" which is a leave in conditioner type thing. 
The second product I use is Zero Frizz which is just a type of hair polisher (this isn't a very good one, but hair polish is important if you have dyed hair and or straighten your hair every day!!) 

Here are the three main ways I style my hair! (If you follow my lookbook or blog you will definitely know these styles!) 

#1) High Pigtails- Relatively self explanatory, just gather equal amounts of hair on each side of your head and tie them up into pigtails! One trick I use to make them super full and bouncy is to flip my head to the side and fluff it up (if that makes sense). This gives your pigtails a bunch of extra volume. 

#2) "Princess Leia Buns" aka the 90's side buns look- I do this all the time! It's a great way to keep your hair out of your face and still look super cute and unique! You start off as if you are putting you hair into high pigtails, and then while you are on your last wrap of your scrunchy, kind of pull your hair into a bun on either side. Then you can just tug at the bun to make it more sloppy or neat. Whatever suits your preferences really!

#3) Side ponytails- Just a really casual hair style. It's super easy, you just gather a small handful of your hair on either side and tie the bunches into ponytails!

Well... that's all for today! I hope you guys found this interesting and somewhat useful! I know I styled all of these hairstyles with a bandanna for the second look, but play around with them! They look cute with chunky accessories, floral crowns, anything you want! :3 
I hope you all have a lovely day! 
<3 Farewell!

Friday, 18 April 2014

and you thought he was an Astronaut

bodysuit ** ebay
skirt ** thrifted
thigh highs ** ebay
shoes ** maxstar

Hello all!
I am terribly sorry I haven't been posting this week. I have finals Monday through Wednesday and I need to do well in order to impress my professors. Anyhoo, you all probably know about Black Milk and their amazing bodysuits (which are incredibly out of my price range). Well I have been dying for a skeleton print bodysuit, but unable to justify paying close to 100 dollars for one I ordered one off ebay. The quality is OK, the stitching is kind of sloppy and the print doesn't match up everywhere, but it pleases me:)

p.s. for anyone who has the slightest interest in engineering (my other half). I just ordered a LilyPad Arduino (sewable micro-controller) so get ready for a lot of geeky fashion projects >.< :3

There are no heroes in the room.

over shirt ** H&M
batman shirt ** hot topic
leggings ** ebay 
shoes ** maxstar

I have glasses, I've had them since I was about 10 years old or so? I dunno... I've always been kind of a "nerd girl" not the kind that just reads silly manga and daydreams about harry potter and Doctor Who, although i AM that kind as well... I'm talking about the kind of nerd girl that is like... 2 years ahead in math, hardcore member of her high school robotics team, and then the girl that graduates early from high school to go into electrical engineering. I used to be embarrassed about being "smart" and "nerdy" but thanks to pop culture making geeks all "sexy" and cool... i guess I fit right in now. (But lets be real... I did it before it was cool ;D) just kidding... well i'm going to link below some blogs/youtubers that made me realize that it was cool to be who I am, a nerd. Enjoy:3 : She's awesome, she was on the reality TV show Fangasm (which was kinda silly) but she's a fashion blogger and a nerd. Superrrr pretty as well ;D

ALBinwonderland : This girl has a kick ass youtube channel, she has several videos on feminism and "nerd girls" where she talks about how girls shouldn't have to prove themselves every step of the way (down the path of dork-dom) just because of their gender... you should chunk her out :) 

AHHhh sorry for this crazy post... i'm just gonna go back and stress over finals some more xD adios!

Saturday, 12 April 2014


shoes ** maxstar
everything else ** thrifted

I love these shoes, so much. On ebay I was searching "platform shoes" to look for deals and i stumbled upon these beauties... mint 7 hole, lace up, platform, "converse-style" shoes. I saw the "maxstar" logo on the side so I googled it and found this awesome website. Maxstar sells tons of different platform and double platform sneakers, they also sell customized shoes. The best part about Maxstar, though, is the shipping. These shoes came literally 3 days after I ordered them... FROM CHINA. Dats crazy...