Friday, 30 May 2014


shirt ** forever 21
shorts ** thrifted (american apparel)
white fishnets ** chloe (similar here)
black thigh highs ** target (similar here)
creepers ** ebay

Here's my post for today! I got these American Apparel shorts at a thrift shop for around 14 dollars, they were originally 60! Holyyyy cow :O I've been playing a lot of Tales of Graces latley, we got a ps3 a few days ago and I have been obsessed with Tales of Graces ever since. I swear Sophie is my soul-mate/alter ego. I mean a fuckin robot chick with purple pigtails *awesome*

I'm totally gonna cosplay her once I beat the game ~ watch outttt! 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Kabuki Girl

shirt ** LIP SERVICE (thrifted) + DIY (similar here)
skirt ** H&M Divided (thrifted) similar here
boots ** UNIF

I'm currently obsessing over the album "Milo Goes to College" by the Descendants, it's so good x.x 

I wore this outfit yesterday when I went rollerblading with my friend Chloe; it's not like I get dressed up to go roller blading, but this is the outfit I was wearing yesterday! I'm currently searching for a PS3 because there are a few games I REALLY want to play that only have games compatible with the play station. There has been a lot of hype about the Puella Magi Anime series, but I completely ignored it until about yesterday, and then I watched almost all 12 episodes in one day. Needless to say I get a bit compulsive once I've found something I like, anyhoo, it's pretty good. I'd say it's worth watching! Plus now i'm anime fan-girling and feel inadequately cute and need to get a bunch of pleated skirts >.< just kidding (but not actually). 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Trash System

that's not my time machine shirt ** threadless
skirt ** hot topic (similar here)
purple fishnets ** ebay
lace frill socks ** ebay
mary janes ** sinister soles

Saturday, 24 May 2014


skirt ** h&m (similar here)
socks ** sock dreams
shoes ** sinister soles

So yesterday it was my birthday and my boyfriend took me to see the new X-Men movie: Days of Future past. I know I've had a post about this before, but I actually really enjoyed the movie, but it failed to bring justice to the comic series. 
 I REALLY didn't like how much they fucked with the story. The sentinels looked creepy as fuck, they had to transport Wolverine back in time instead of Kitty, and the whole story line only focused on one part of the entire "Day's of Future Past" saga, the screenwriters didn't even include Rachel Summers, or Ahab, AT ALL; those were HUGE parts of the Days of Future Past comics. Also- is anyone else extremely sad that Jubilation Lee was nowhere to be found in the entire X-Men movie franchise? I mean she is SO COOL. 

At the end of this movie, we are all left with the same feeling: "You know all of the other X-men movies you've been watching, since 2000? Well just disregard those, because it actually didn't happen!"
This movie was a good addition to the X-men marvel movies, but I feel like a story this monumental deserved a more comprehensive film representation. 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Shoulda Stayed Home

sunglasses ** similar here
leather bustier ** forever 21
skirt ** thrifted (similar here)
boots ** UNIF

Hey guys... yup, so these pictures are from yesterday, with my friend Chloe (who is awesome, you should totally check out her blog!) Anyhoo, the other day I went to Kohls with  my mom because she said there was a leather jacket I would really like there. We went and I found the LAST ONE EVER!! And it was my size! It's super cool, it's original price was 90 dollars but it was on sale because of the season change for 36 dollars, and my mom also had a 20 dollar coupon! So I got a 90 dollar coat for 16 dollars!
That was excitement. I'll probably post some pictures of that tomorrow or today on instagram!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


legwarmers ** sock dreams
dress ** thrifted  (similar here)
creepers ** ebay

Took pictures with Chloe today. It's super humid outside so excuse my insanely frizzy hair! It seems like I can do anything to counteract the frizz caused by dry air and heat, but as soon as the humidity goes up, so does my curly hair! I've been using a lot of Argan Oil products in my hair latley. The two I like the most are: One 'n Only Argan Oil Restoritive Mask and the One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment. These two products work really well. The restorative mask is a deep conditioner that you put on wet hair and have to leave in for about 7 minutes- it's totally worth it. I use it 2 times a week and it keeps my (super damaged) hair nice and soft. The Oil treatment serum you can apply to wet or dry hair. I usually coat my hair with it (lightly) after showers so it absorbs into my hair while it is drying. 
Anyhoo... I gotta go do stuff :P Farewells!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Would-Be Kings

sunglasses ** similar here
shirt ** gifted (simlar here)
skirt ** thrifted (similar here)
lace frilly socks ** ebay
UNIF Oi Boots ** Tilted Soles

I decided to give those black shorts, from yesterdays post, a rest (I've been wearing them every day for the past week or so). Last night my boyfriend and a few friends went over to our neighbors house and watched "Labyrinth" with David Bowie, *holyshit* such a good movie! All the creatures (even the goblins) were super duper cute and I died a little each time I saw Ludo. 
On an unrelated note- I found the best lipgloss in the world :P My boyfriend *hates* lipstick (which I used to wear practically ever day before I met him) so for the past 2 years I haven't even put on lipstick. I recently started getting red or just clear lipgloss because it's pretty and easy to wipe off! Plus my boyfriend doesn't really mind lipgloss that much. Today at the grocery store I got Revelon COLORBURST Embelleshed 056 (because it was on sale) and I love it so much! It's this deep purple color with little sparkley bits in it. You can tell in the pictures from today that my lips are darker, and up close they shine! 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Tape Worm

sunglasses ** similar here
Alpacajuana Shirt ** (designed by friends+family)
shorts ** BDG (thrifted) similar here
tights ** similar here
legwarmers ** similar here
shoes ** maxstar

Sorry for the horrible quality pictures! It was very bright outside today and I didn't really mess with my aperture as much as I should have. I've been gardening almost all day, I weeded most of our front yard (which is practically *ALL* weeds) and started planting some pretty flowers my friend Chloe and I got a while back. Hopefully when my mom gets back she will like it. It is extremely hot and sunny outside, I have never been one for sun-glass wearing (I find they most often just get in the way) but god am I thankful for these shades! I love this shirt I am wearing so much! It says "Alpacajuana" on it and has a picture of an Alpaca who is modeled after my boyfriend on it. I think our friends dad Dan and my boyfriends mom designed these shirts. I love it so much!