Monday, 30 June 2014

Disco Inferno

shoes ** maxstar
everything else ** thrifted

such a hot day today. im typing with one hand and eating a popsicle with the other so excuse my bad grammer for today please:3 i just got hosed down cause i got dirt and mud everywhere so im dripping blue hairdye everywhere! whellll i'm gonna go read game of thrones so i'll catch ya later ;D

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Cross Town Trafficking

Sorry for basically no post today :P I almost didn't even take pictures today! I'm SOOOO busy! My boyfriend's band is playing two shows today, and I went from being in a tranquil state of being, reading Game of Thrones with my dog, and then my boyfriend got back from work and I had like a bajiliion things to do!
Anyhoo, I gotta go get ice cream or I'm gonna melt
Farewell <3

Friday, 27 June 2014

Leggo my Ego!

vest ** thrifted (similar here)
nightgown dress ** thrifted
tights ** ebay
boots ** tilted sole

So many pictures today! I guess I'm just happy that my test went well in Physics today. I stayed up really late last night worried that I was going to fail, but the test was actually easier than I expected. I never really liked this dress thing i'm wearing in my pictures today, I got it thinking that it would be super cool and comfy, but just alone it kind of looks weird. I finally found a combination for things it looks good with (this vest mostly). I couldn't help but take pictures with siegfried (my puppy) today, he was looking so cute >.< still is. I love my puppy so much :3
I've been reading game of thrones, as you may know. It is so intense.. and kind of gross at some points, like to the point where i'm scared to watch the TV show, because I really don't want to see some of the shit that's going on in this storyline...
I'm gonna make a pb & j now, before I start cleaning the house!
Farewell <3

LOL I feel like I'm making a Chloe face here! ^^

silly face time woot ^O^ 

Even Sigfried and I  have bloopers ^^ :D

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sometimes I sing

Today everything was either thrifted or gifted! So I'm sorry for no links D: 
I haven't really "dressed up" for any of my posts lately, and I really miss doing that so here you go... fancy ass Abby :) I'm with Chloe right now and we are about to go to whole foods, I'm going to get Steaz Peach Tea because it is really fucking good. I might also get Rooibos Chai, not that anyone even remotely cares. 
Anyhoo, hope your travels through this universe are going well!
Farewell <3

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


beanie ** hot topic
shirt ** deathly
shorts ** h&m
shoes  ** maxstar

Sorry for very little post today! Wow bad grammar >.< But I think my boyfriend is getting agitated! We are going to the sand dunes today and I am holding us up! I will post better tomorrow <3

Monday, 23 June 2014

Maverick // spiked bra review!

(spiked bra) ** yesfor (9.56$)
vest ** similar here
skirt ** pacsun
tights ** similar here
boots ** banggood

This spiked bra is the second item I chose to review for It was under 10 dollars, but yet again, the quality surpassed my expectations! The spikes are all sewn on securely and they don't feel like they are gonna fall off anytime soon! The bra itself is very comfy as well! I have always wanted one of these spiked bras, they are perfect for the summer. You can style them with a transparent tank top (or just a really over-sized muscle shirt) or do something fancier like I have done with  my under bust vest. I was going to wear the spiked bra with my fishnet top from yandy but didn't have any pants/shorts to match it!

Farewell <3

(^^ I really like this picture, it makes me feel like i came straight out of a manga or anime! >.<)