Friday, 31 October 2014

The JOker and I

Wanna Play...?

Vest ** DIY
Harness ** DIY
leggings ** cassies
socks ** sock dreams
boots ** sinister soles

I worked SO hard on my halloween costume this year. I am Harley Quinn form Arkham Asylum. I've always really loved Harley, just the fact that she went from somewhat normal to a deranged, obsessive, psychopath is so cool... I made the vest and gun harness/belt thingi from scratch, which I am really proud of! I even lined the vest so it's all professional like >.< 
I also made a jacket for my boyfriend (he's being the joker) so hopefully I can put some pictures of him up later!
I hope you all have a fantastic halloween! 
Farewell <3

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Le Bunny Bleu

scrunchies ** wet seal
shirt ** gifted (similar here)
skirt ** thrifted (similar here)
thigh highs ** similar here
shoes ** Le Bunny Bleu

A while ago I was contacted by Le Bunny Bleu to do a review on a pair of their shoes. I picked out these white jade sandals to do a review on. Honestly these type of shoes are usually NOT my style at all, but I thought I would go out and try something new. Overall these shoes are VERY comfy. They have a slight heel and a tiny bitty platform but I could walk in them forever. The color of the bows are not really ideal for me but the sandals are very good quality and they look like they will last forever. 

Here are links to some of my favorite shoes on their website!

I'm sorry I've been such a terrible blogger latley! I've had quite a few midterms in school already and am trying to stay ahead of the game academic wise. I just reformatted all my SD cards so you can expect more reliable posting from me for this week to come! I hope you are all having lovely days!
Farewell <3

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Agent Venom

hat ** ebay
*cape ** yoins
pinafore ** primark (similar here)
thigh high tube socks ** sock dreams
boots ** banggood
I got this cape/poncho thing as part of a collaboration with Yoins and I think It is my favorite review yet. This cape is originally around 54 dollars and worth every bit! The quality is amazing, this is a thick, lined cape that will definitely be one of my autumn/winter staples as the year progresses. It makes me feel like I'm coming straight out of a Victorian-age fairy tale story. I know it wasn't super conventional to pair this beautiful item with my bright green Teemo bucket hat, but I couldn't resist... I feel magical today <3 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

French Toad

Teemo hat ** ebay
vest ** target (similar here)
skirt ** forever 21
legwarmers ** sock dreams
creepers ** ebay

I'm loving this Teemo hat :3 I got it off of ebay for like 4-5 dollars free shipping and I love it :) I've wanted a bucket hat for a while and this one has EARS AND GOGGLES so I think I win here. I shortened this skirt that I got from forever 21 and I like it a LOT better :3
Anyhoo, my boyfriend is trying to make me eat FOUR PIECES OF FRENCH TOAST D: 
So I gotta go!
Farewell <3