Friday, 23 January 2015

I'll Cast a Spell on You

hat ** ebay
vest ** local shop (similar here)
skirt ** pacusn (similar here)
thigh highs ** sock dreams
boots ** target (similar here)

I feel pretty Willow-esque today because of my Teemo bucket hat. I feel like she would've appreciated it. I started learning a new C++ function called graphics.h and it's pretty neat. I had to download a new IDE for it and it looks super cool (like something straight from War Games). It was kinda scary at first because I thought I downloaded a virus LOL. 
I hope you all are having marvelous days. I have to start on homework so I can work on my code some more (i'm trying to re-make a space pong). Later today I'm going to the mall with my brother to help him pick out a winter coat :) 

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  1. very cute ! lovely colors, I'm fan ! ♥