Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Sleepy Thyme

sweater ** similar here
dress ** thrifted (similar here)
socks ** sockdreams
legwarmers ** similar here
boots ** amazon

I've been wanting a pair of these plum and lilac striped thigh highs forever! I finally got a pair when my old pair of black and white thigh highs snagged and ripped (R.I.P) I LOVE these ones so much more though :) purple has always been one of my main colors :3 It's so snowy out today, the roads are shitty as fuck, so I'm blowing off Multivariable Calc for today because it's been increasingly dull and I can learn it much faster at home :) 
I have been watching entirely too much Buffy. It is such a good show and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet :) 
Oh Also! I cut my hair!! Do you guys like it ? :o
Hope all is well!
farewell <3


  1. Wow dude these pictures are so nice today!! And your hair looks awesome ;D

  2. Nice outfit! X Minale