Friday, 13 February 2015

Shake It Off!

hoodie ** victorias secret (similar here)
skirt ** forever 21 (similar here)
leg garter ** DIY (similar here)
boots ** target (similar here)

Believe it or not, Taylor Swift was the reason I got out of bed to take pictures today. I never really like her before, but I was scrolling through facebook and saw a video of Harley Quinn dancing to "Shake it Off" then I proceeded to watch that video about three times before getting out of bed, dressing, and taking picures! 
I have a doctors appointment today D': I hope I don't have to get shots.. I probably will though :/
butttttttttt ADAMS COMING HOME! (just for the weekend) and I'm SO excited <3 
Anyhoo, I must prepare for the doctors!

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  1. Great outfit! X Minale