Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bluenose Bimbo!

jacket ** christmas gift (here)
shirt ** gift (similar here)
skirt ** pacsun (similar here)
boots ** public desire

This jacket with these boots are officially my favorite combination! I feel like i'm from the 20's. If the 20's were in a bizzaro past that was extra goofy! I've been super busy with school, also my boyfriend is back to visit for a week! We are going to bells diner tonight which is cool :P Then we will probably play borderlands 2 all night again >.< Whoo Mechromancer!! Anyhoo, I gotta goooo! Seeya <3


  1. Really nice outfit! Love your shoes! X Minale

  2. cool styling

    I invite you to me in my new posts