Wednesday, 24 June 2015


hat ** dresslink
socks ** 10dollarmall / pink

Okay! So previously in this post I did a review on these awesome socks I got from 10dollarmall; and in this post I reviewed a lovely dress I received from dresslink. This purple hat was the second item I received from dresslink and it is so beautiful and purple and awesome! It is super stretch and super warm (it was hard to wear it during pictures today because my head was getting so hot). 
These socks are also lovely (they come in pairs with matching colors, but you know how I love to mis-match). I've been really digging knee high socks because I think they look sweet with my roller-skates (in case you haven't noticed) the ONLY complaint I have with these socks is that they are REALLY hard to put on. The other pair of socks I got from this site were super stretch and nice, however these would be hard to put on legs any bigger than mine (i'm thinking) 

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