Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dressin Wishlist

A while ago I found this really cool site
 They sell cheap clothes and accessories so I thought I would just 
make a little "list" type thing-y of cool things they have. 
Also on a side note I'm going to be re-doing my whole blog soon, it's gotten 
really ugly and bleh lately so yeah! 

I'm in love with this bag so much. Not only is it purple and only 6 dollars but it has a little Yeti key chain thing attached to it! what the hell that's so cool!

I know kimonos were a thing of last year, but I never had one, and i think this one is really pretty. It also looks really light and airy so you could even wear it during the summer. 

This sweater is so cool. Lately I've been into the whole "varsity stripe" thing with socks, and shirts, and this sweater is just so cool. I never really understood "crop sweaters" but I could totally see myself wearing this at a bonfire, or late at night in a cold grocery store or something >.<

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


hat ** dresslink
socks ** 10dollarmall / pink

Okay! So previously in this post I did a review on these awesome socks I got from 10dollarmall; and in this post I reviewed a lovely dress I received from dresslink. This purple hat was the second item I received from dresslink and it is so beautiful and purple and awesome! It is super stretch and super warm (it was hard to wear it during pictures today because my head was getting so hot). 
These socks are also lovely (they come in pairs with matching colors, but you know how I love to mis-match). I've been really digging knee high socks because I think they look sweet with my roller-skates (in case you haven't noticed) the ONLY complaint I have with these socks is that they are REALLY hard to put on. The other pair of socks I got from this site were super stretch and nice, however these would be hard to put on legs any bigger than mine (i'm thinking) 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Stack Overflow

dress ** dresslink

A while ago I was contacted by dresslink to review some of their products. They sent me a coupon code and I picked out this dress and a purple hat thing that I will show in a future post! I've never gotten a dress with a neckline like this before because I always thought it would look weird on me but I LOVE this! It is super flattering and perfect for the summer weather! The material is actually super good quality for the price, it flows nice and bunches where it's supposed to! You can lace up the back of this dress several different ways. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Nature of the Beast

skirt ** similar here
knee high socks ** 10 dollar mall

So I got contacted by this company to review some products and they send me a 10 dollar gift card. Normally this doesn't seem like too much to offer, but this site does have some PRETTY badass stuff for really cheap. I got three pairs of knee high socks for about 8 dollars i think? And the other two are SUPER FLUFFIN COOL. (I'll post them over the next few days.) These socks are super nice, they are soft and stretch and perfect for roller skating and looking totally badass!

Here are a few other cool things from their website!


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